Even though using email messages is a simple and easy activity, managing the mailboxes for your website can sometimes be a tiresome task. If you don’t have an intuitive interface, just like the Email Accounts Manager so you will be able to do the job. It arrives with a number of integrated valuable software tools that can assist you conduct elaborate tasks in just a few mouse–clicks. Look into exactly what Mail Order Foods’s Email Accounts Manager can do for YOU!


Developed to maintain spam faraway from you

Nobody wants junk e–mail within the email account. For this reason, we have made a custom–made anti–spam solution dependant on properly set up algorithms that separate arriving messages and maintain the junk e–mail away.

You can pick between several levels of defense, depending on exactly what unsolicited mail messages you have. In addition, you can easily specify a different volume of spam protection for several email accounts. Ultimately, you can select exactly what goes on to e–mails flagged as spam – to be removed or sent to a specific email address.

Hepsia File Manager

Email Forwarding

Divert messages from one email address to another

We have managed to make it pretty simple for you to forward e–mail messages from a mailbox to a new one inside your Linux hosting packages account. All you should do is specify the email you’d like to have to forward and after that add the destination mailbox in which you need all the messages to be delivered to.

You may also enable a duplicate of every forwarded message to be left inside the email account which you have got forwarded.

Hepsia File Manager

Email Filters

Set your mailbox in order

Using the Email Accounts Manager of one’s Hosting Control Panel, it is definitely simple to set up completely new email filters. All that you should execute is state the key words that will be applied to filter messages and precisely where the filter will look for them (subject, body, etc.) and then choose the action that will be applied to the filtered email messages.

Hepsia File Manager