A spam filter is a software app that is installed on a POP3/IMAP email server and ‘scans’ all incoming email messages in order to block any unwelcome ones from entering a particular mailbox. Several examples of such email messages would be: offers for pills or cash, fake bank notifications or attachments that contain malicious code sent with the intention of infecting your computer. Email filters usually examine the content of an email message and when they come across specific keywords or other suspicious content, they either erase the email or re-send it to the Spam/Junk folder instead of the Inbox folder. Some providers mix their own email filters with up-to-the-minute databases from spam-tracing organizations, so as to guarantee higher levels of security for their customers. Such databases contain patterns, mail server IP addresses and other info about spam email messages recently revealed by these organizations.

Spam Filters in Hosting

If you order a hosting plan from our company and if you take advantage of our email services, you will be able to enable anti-spam protection for any of the mailboxes that you set up from the Email Manager section of your Hepsia hosting Control Panel. With only a couple of clicks, you can choose between five separate security levels. In case you start getting spam, you can begin with the lowest one and then gradually raise the level till you stop receiving spam. We make use of one of the very best and most famous filters available on the market called SpamAssassin. It analyzes the header section and the body of each and every email that you get and determines a spam score, based on which it either deletes a specific email message or allows it to reach your inbox. Hepsia will also allow you to configure custom spam filters and either erase unsolicited emails or re-send them to a 3rd-party address like spam@domain.com where you can view them again at a later point in time.

Spam Filters in Semi-dedicated Hosting

Our semi-dedicated server plans provide top-notch spam protection guaranteed by the popular SpamAssassin anti-spam filter, which ranks all inbound email messages based on a spam score that depends on patterns and parameters, such as the frequency of particular keywords, the sender, the subject, and so on. When you activate the filter for any email account through the Hepsia Control Panel’s Email Manager section, you can select between five different protection levels – from very low to very high. If you keep receiving junk messages, you can raise the level, or if authentic messages are blocked as spam, you can decrease it. Activating or deactivating the spam protection takes as little as 2 clicks of the mouse and you can select if the filtered emails should be erased instantaneously or if they should be redirected to a designated email account where you can read them at a later time, so as to make certain that the emails that you need won’t get lost.